Vizualisation for the Seven Vajra Lines

A detailed visualisation for the practice of Guru Padmasambhava with the Seven Lines Prayer.
This short text clearly explains in Tibetan and English the meaning of the Seven Lines Prayer and its visualisation. It includes images with the symbolic attributes of Guru Padmasambhava such as the ornaments, clothes, hand implements, together with their meaning.

The Essence of Semnyid Ngalso (Relaxing in the Nature of Mind of the Great Perfection)

Having condensed all of the topics of the Tripitika and the four divisions of tantra into one, the complete teaching of the Bhagavan Buddha is combined into a single graduated path.

Beneficial Nectar for All – The core benefits and advantages of staying in remote places

Those who deem it necessary to make use of the freedoms and assets of this very life should start out by thinking again and again that compounded things are impermanent, that all wealth is deceptive, that life is impermanent, that cyclic existence is suffering and so forth, that all the appearances of existence, whatever they may be, are utterly futile.

A Letter from Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche to All Precious Dharma Friends

Please contemplate that we have all received a human body, a precious life, through our own merit which we created in previous lives. If we wish to have a blissful and happy life in the future, we must develop merit. Bliss and suffering depends on our own actions.

The Excellent Path of the Yogi or Explaining the Speech of Bhalaha’s Melody

Precious human life is like a thoroughbred horse.
Put on the bridle of eight freedoms and ten endowments!
Put on the saddle of the ethics of ten virtues!
Ride quickly from the sphere of karma and result!
Start by galloping away from the sphere of bad migrations!
And make a higher rebirth the finish of the race!