February 5 and January 9, 2019

The sangha of Danakosha Ling gathers to celebrate the Tibetan New Year, Losar, with Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche at Danakosha Ling.

The actual Losar day is Tuesday February 5th 2019. Since this is a weekday and many people are not able to come, we will do a little celebration at 6 pm. Everyone who wishes to make a connection with dharma on that special day is very welcome to attend.

The main new year celebration will be kept on Saturday February 9th starting at 10 am. Everyone is welcome to come any time on Saturday 9th to celebrate Losar. A big lunch and dinner will be offered.

10-12: Tara Puja for making the whole year successful
12:00 Lunch
15:30 Danakosha Trust presents a Tibetan movie
18:00 Dinner

Everybody is most welcome to participate.