DanakoshaTrust1Due to the requests of both the monastery and village of Gegong throughout many years, we have seen directly that many lives of a young generation are becoming wasted.

One of the most important things is protecting one’s culture and developing education, as well as giving circumstances for education and advice for well-being. If one generation of one century does not take care of their culture, we lose the culture of the whole people. As a footprint of wisdom of previous generations, the beings of this generation have a priceless and important culture. Its continuation in this world lies very much on the hands of the people of this generation. Therefore we have a big responsibility.

DanakoshaTrust2We at Danakosha Trust take great joy in helping others, particularly those who have strong faith in us, and who rely on us. We use various direct and indirect methods to help them. The representatives of Gegong monastery and village expressed their heartfelt request that they really need help from Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche. They gave extensive accounts of the happiness and sufferings of their daily lives. Due to that a new feeling arose among Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche’s western followers, a readiness to help as much as they can.

DanakoshaTrust3Our main project for helping Gegong is through building an education center. We have worked hard on this with fantastic results. So far we have built a dormitory of 32 rooms, and the project is ongoing to build classrooms and other necessary parts of the education center.

We are truly greatful for your kindness, generosity and support to the activities of Danakosha Trust. Everything depends very much on your help.

Please visit the website of Danakosha Trust to read more about our project in Gegong and other charitable activities.