New Year Greetings from Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche

Wishes for an Auspicious and Excellent New Year in the Tibetan Male Earth Dog Year

A dog is called Norsung Gyalpo in the Tibetan language, the king of wealth guardians. A dog recognizes one’s enemies and friends, and never forgets a kindness. A dog never fails to greet his owner with a joyful smile. The dog’s affectionate mind never changes due to happiness or suffering. A dog’s mind is pure, offering unconditional friendship for life. A dog shows a joyful and humble appearance, and never engages in two-faced actions, such as backbiting and slander. A dog is affectionate towards everyone in his group, and never leaves home, day or night. Yet, because a dog is fierce towards intruders and will even give up his life, a dog is brave. Lacking greed or guile, satisfied with inferior food, a dog will diligently protect its owner’s home without ever boasting or complaining. A dog is always happy taking up his responsibility to protect the valuables of its owner’s home, has no greed for the possessions of others, will not steal, and so on. Therefore, though one may consider dogs to be inferior to humans, if one thinks about this carefully, a dog actually has many qualities that are superior to humans. They are not merely the king of wealth protectors, they themselves are very valuable. We should always respect and trust them.

With the sincere auspicious wish that these qualities arise simultaneously in us human beings, I, Tulku Dakpa, wrote these words of aspiration for the new Tibetan Male Earth Dog Year, 2145, in the general year, 2018, at Danakosha Ling, Finland.

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